Pedro Melo Alves drums and composition
José Diogo Martins piano
Mané Fernandes guitar
Pablo P. Moledo doublebass

Clara Saleiro flutes
João Pedro Brandão flute and saxophone
José Soares saxophone
Albert Cirera saxophones
Frederic Cardoso clarinets
Álvaro Machado bassoon

Gileno Santana trumpet
Xavi Sousa trombone
Carlo Mascolo trombone
Fábio Rodrigues tuba

Luís José Martins classical guitar
Luís André Ferreira cello
Alvaro Rosso doublebass

Mariana Dionísio voice
Nazaré da Silva voice
João Neves voice
Diogo Ferreira voice

João Miguel Braga Simões percussion
João Carlos Pinto electronics

Pedro Carneiro conductor

The Omniae Ensemble, originally a septet led by Pedro Melo Alves, became an orchestra after a commission by the Guimarães Jazz 2020 festival. With new arrangements written in 2020, the 2016 music was adapted to this new format directed by the prestigious percussionist and conductor Pedro Carneiro and played by some of the leading national figures of contemporary, improvised and experimental music.
The performance on the 22nd of November was the première of this ambitious musical project. Music in tune with the stylistically deterritorialized tendencies of the twenty-first-century global music and which, independently of one’s considerations about its formal qualities, indicates the will to acquire a unique musical identity capable of reaching superior degrees of emotional and aesthetical resonance.